CURRENTLY in San Diego County! and thru April 2017 Kim Emerson has on exhibition her colorful “Mazel tov Mosaic Series” at the San Diego Botanic Gardens in Encinitas, CA for their annual Sculpture in the Garden show.  This is a juried exhibition that was established and organized by Naomi Nussbaum in collaboration with SDBG.  All the outdoor sculpture and mosaics are for sale.  For more information go to:

Are YOU getting ready for MOSAICS!?  While waiting to attend your next mosaic art workshop below are 10 things you can do to get ready and listed in no particular order:

1.  Start and keep a sketchbook of mosaic ideas, notes, and inspirations containing your drawings, mosaic compositions, photograph clippings, poetry, dreams, etc…

2.  Go to art museums, galleries, and art shows wherever you live or travel be inspired by the masters of the past and the present!  Don’t forget your sketchbook!

3.  Niki de Saint Phalle’s mosaic sculpture in San Diego County is all around us in Balboa Park, downtown at the Convention Center, and the County Admin Building in the new Waterfront Park.  Also, the fabulous Queen Califia’s Magical Circle sculpture park located at Kit Carsen Park in Escondido is now open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. till 12 noon, AND every 2nd Saturday of the month, if not raining!  Check the City of Escondido website for details.  All these public sculptures are free to be inspired!

4.  Join the Society of American Mosaic Artists  (SAMA)!  The next SAMA mosaic conference will be held in Detroit the week of May 2nd – 7th, 2017.  Also, SAMA publishes a wonderful on-line newsletter called Groutline that is filled with projects, tips, and interesting mosaic related stories.  SAMA is a fabulous community made-up of like-minded mosaic artists who share and inspire one another!  For more info go to:

5.  Subscribe to the French contemporary mosaic magazine called Mosaique!  This international publication features contemporary mosaic artists from all over the globe.  You can purchase your subscription via PayPal.  It is now printed in English and the translations are produced by our own fabulous mosaic artist and dear friend Sophie Drouin.  It is now available in English.

6.  Go hiking, beach combing and rock hunting.  Carry a small hammer to see if you can smash open your found rocks.  See what’s inside!?

7.  Shop garage sales or flea markets for “tesserea”.  In San Diego, we have Kobey’s Swap Meet at the Sports Arena.  We particularly like going on Sundays because there seems to be more individuals selling treasures from their own garage sales and the items are sold cheaper.  You can always bargain!

8.  Try creating a Spontaneous Mosaic or intuitive design composition but using NO adhesive!  Play with and rearrange the tesserae you have gathered to create different and endless possibilities.  How does the design make you feel?  Do the different materials work harmoniously together as a composition?  Change it around again and again until it says yes!  Take photo images of the different compositions with your cell phone.  Later print and paste the good designs into your sketchbook.  Let the designs be ephemeral and allow them to blow away or put the tesserae back in the box.  This is simply for practice for when the thin-set is ready – and then you will be too!

9.  Paint watercolor designs with mosaics is mind.  Workshops in this medium are always available.

10.  Treat yourself and splurge on a bag of Italian or Mexican Smalti purchased on-line.  Initially, just play with it and study it.  Compare it to the Byzantine smalti mosaics in Ravenna, Rome, and Venice, Italy.  Get inspired by this beautiful glass material made especially for mosaics!