Exhibitions: “Niki de Saint Phalle: Mythical California”

In Escondido, California, north of San Diego, the community is celebrating the 15th year anniversary of Niki de Saint Phalle’s “Queen Califia’s Magical Circle” (see images below) with a very special exhibition at the Center for the Arts, Escondido (CCAE) museum.  This focused exhibition, entitled “Niki de Saint Phalle: Mythical California”, features her maquettes, sculpture, and written diary with whimsical drawings about her final nine years of living in the region.  Niki gifted her larger than life sculpture park to the City of Escondido, located at Kit Carsen Park, as a way to say thank you to California for giving her a new lease on life!

Concurrently with Niki’s exhibition at CCAE, there is a second exhibition that features mosaics from nine Southern California artists.  This second exhibition is called “Inspiration: A Mosaic Invitational”.  Kim Emerson has three wall mosaics in this exhibition from her newest series entitled “Trilogy of Compassion” (see images below).

The exhibitions at CCAE run from January 13 through March 3, 2018.

Kim Emerson Mosaics

“Trilogy of Compassion”

Artist’s Statement

“Human emotion through color is currently what I am exploring in my personal mosaic work.  The color pink expresses love, honor, forgiveness, and compassion.  It is the caring and sharing of humanity that can become integrated into our lives when we experience infinite compassion.  The lack of compassion as a state of humanity today worldwide is something that troubles me.  The various rich shades of pink may help people get in touch with their thoughtful and caring side through its calming effect.  What is the last frontier on Earth?  We have already explored and conquered the planet.  Looking at oneself may be the last frontier.  Finding compassion could be a solution towards better understanding and thus finding forgiveness of ourselves, of others, and for the world around us.  As an artist, through the language of the tesserae and color, I can do no less than to create these mosaics with the hope that it could make a difference and unleash compassion from inside all who see them.”                                                  

Statement and Mosaics By Kim Emerson

“Passion of Compassion”


“Seed of Compassion”


“Being Compassion”

PHOTO CREDIT:  Dennis Reiter