All of our workshops are instructed by artists Kim Emerson & Dennis Reiter of Kim Emerson Mosaics, LLC located in the Normal Heights community of the City of San Diego, California, USA.  Kim has been creating mosaics for public and private spaces since 1991.  Our focus is on the fine art of mosaics!

Currently for each workshop, we are offering the SPONTANEOUS MOSAIC method at $290 per weekend.  Workshop weekend dates are the following:

November 16th & 17th – sold out!

We do keep wait lists for each workshop!

WE WILL RESUME OUR WORKSHOP SCHEDULE AGAIN IN 2020!  Please contact us to make sure that we have your email address to send you information.

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We register workshop attendees on a first come basis via email reply/confirmation with instructions about how to pre-register.

The fee for each workshop includes all mosaic materials, use of quality/professional mosaic tools, 14 hours of serious mosaic art instruction, a deli-style lunch both days, new friends, and so much more!  Individual workshops are on weekends, Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 4 pm.


This intuitive approach of making mosaics is inspired by the Spontaneous Mosaic” method and philosophy made famous within the contemporary global mosaic community by the beloved late Ilana Shafir of Ashkelon, Israel.  The Shafir family has given permission to Kim Emerson to share and teach Kim’s version of Ilana’s method at the San Diego Mosaic School. 

The creative approach of Spontaneous Mosaic does not rely on an exact pattern or blueprint for the final mosaic, and, there is nothing really spontaneous about this process.  This method is about being inspired by the beautiful and meaningful materials in the moment that are available to the artist.  The creation of your mosaic “opus” is about the process the artist approaches to the design the composition whether the mosaic is comprised of ceramic, glass, stone, no matter what type of adhesive or substrate.  How do the materials and the way that they are arranged together inspire you?  What pleases you aesthetically?  What is your story?

“My mosaics evolve from the thoughts I have while I am working…I try to express something beyond the mundane and the decorative, to create a fusion of elements that will touch the viewer and express something that can be said in no other way”.Ilana Shafir

This workshop is open to beginners as well as the experienced mosaic artist.  We will be working with a variety of “tesserae” (that being all the pieces of material or tile that make-up a mosaic design).  You will have the opportunity to learn how to cut tesserae with a hammer and hardie, and also use various types of nippers, cutters, or a wet-saw if desired.  We will utilize what Kim Emerson refers to the “directly-direct” method using thin-set adhesive.  We are NOT typically grouting in this workshop. 

Quality wood panels for interior wall display will be your choice of a 9″ x 12″ or a 12″ x 12″.  The tesserae available will be everything from ceramic and glass tile, smalti (glass), dishware, beads, found objects, and natural stone.  All levels are welcome in the same workshop weekend, as we learn from one another – together!

Available upon request, in this workshop, you will have the opportunity to adhere your mosaic composition using what Kim calls “transfer techniques” with TAPE and/or MESH.

See below examples of mosaics created by students of the Spontaneous Mosaic method workshop at the San Diego Mosaic School! 

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Mosaic by Carolyn

Mosaic by Lee


Mosaic by Stephanie

All workshops are held at the home & studio of Kim Emerson and her husband Dennis Reiter located in the Normal Heights community of the City San Diego, California, USA.

All Photo credits go to DENNIS REITER

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