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The next series of mosaic art workshops will be coming this Fall of 2018.  We do not have workshops during the summer months.  Are you on our contact list?  For future emails announcing workshops, dates, and prices please email Kim Emerson directly!

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Learn the fine art of mosaic technique and methodology taught by mosaic artist KIM EMERSON who has been creating mosaics since 1991.



Smalti is glass and it is the only material traditionally fabricated especially for mosaics.  It was invented by the Romans and perfected through the ages by the Italians.  Smalti as glass has been especially designed to be cut with a hammer and hardie (chisel), the 2000 year old Roman metal tools invented to cut stone and smalti.  By example, the colorful and shiny tesserae of smalti is what is seen from the Byzantine Era in the churches of Venice, Rome and Ravenna, Italy, and more.

The prerequisite for this workshop is that you have already taken the Spontaneous Mosaic Method workshop with Kim Emerson.  You will be designing your mosaic composition while utilizing the intuitive design philosophy of Ilana Shafir, and working with tinted thin-set “directly-direct”.  In this workshop we will be cutting and creating with smalti from both Italy and Mexico.  We will be discussing and sampling the unique characteristics and differences of each.  You will be encouraged to cut all of your tesserae with the hammer and hardie, or wheel nippers, to create a composition that is abstract incorporating both “normal “A” cuts’ and “pizzas and/or tortillas”.  The size panels (on wood for interior) will be no larger than 8” x 8”.  We will NOT be grouting in this workshop.  Smalti is not typically ideal to be or traditionally grouted.

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The available tesserae offered for this workshop will be in smalti and mili fiori (both glass!), natural stone such as marble, and other tiny materials.  The mosaics for this format and workshop are very very tiny.  We will be using fine tweezers and wheel-nippers.  One blank bezel pendent made of sterling-silver, approximately 1″ x 2″, shape of your selection is included in the cost of this workshop.  You will be selecting your jewelry pendent or wine bottle stopper piece(s) at the time of the workshop.