In August of 2018 Kim Emerson participated in the 3rd annual INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM of CONTEMPORARY MOSAICS in Ploaghe, Sardinia, Italy! This three week artists’ residency was an intense artistic exchange of ideas, support, and extreme hard work of 9 determined women mosaic artists from 7 countries, with one theme, who each created their own 3-dimensional wall mosaic (approx. 70 cm x 80 cm) while working in front of and open to the public.  The theme for this year’s symposium was TEXTURES,WARPS, PATHS – FRAGMENTS OF COLORS FROM THE EARTH.  The creator and artistic director of the symposium is Giulio Menossi from northern mainland city of Udine, Italy.  The event was facilitated and organized by the Sardinia Contemporary Mosaic & Art.  It was a huge honor to be invited and hosted by local sponsors and the municipality of the City of Ploaghe during their 500 year traditional festival known as “Ferroagosto”.  This was truly an amazing celebration of mosaic art, culture, friendship, and the world coming together in this small and enchanting Sardinian village!  Grazie mille!

During the symposium Kim Emerson created her opus mosaic that she entitled “Primordial Elements”.  Here below is the description of her work, or artist’s statement:

While researching for inspiration for this project I came across a scientific explanation describing the island of Sardinia as being “likened to an unconnected mosaic” due to the tectonic divisions of fractures and fissures that has divided it.  This geologic fact inspired my overall design of fragmented sections that seem to have been once connected but now divided.  These fragments represent the rich earth that has given Sardinia its many treasures.  Five primordial earth elements are represented in the blue tesserae for water, red for fire, actual copper for metal, actual cork for wood, and locally sourced stone for the earth.  The andemento and arrangement of the volcanic stone and other found elements suggest the footprint of the ancient Nuragic Civilization as layers of events and culture from the past who inhabited this beautiful rustic island. Ke