Welcome to the studio!

Kim Emerson Mosaics, LLC

Located in San Diego, California, USA

A working mosaic art studio located in heart of the City of San Diego, and in the community of Normal Heights, all works of art are custom designed and assembled by hand. Kim Emerson specializes in everything mosaic art and full-time. The artworks range from larger than life public art installations, smaller gallery wall pieces, residential commissions, to tiny wearable jewelry. Kim works with her husband, Dennis Reiter, in a multiple of artistic styles, from abstract to representational, depending on the intention of each project.

About Us

Kim and Dennis established the San Diego Mosaic School in the year 2015. The school is currently located at their private home studio in the urban community of Normal Heights, where they teach serious quality mosaic art workshops on weekends. If you are interested in workshops (or mosaic classes) please email Kim directly and request to be added to their contact list.

Mosaic School

Kim and Dennis plan to resume their mosaic workshop schedule later this year, in the Fall of 2024.

This website is currently being rebuilt and it is always updated, so please come back soon to see what is new!