This next public art mosaic project is near and dear to Kim and Dennis’ hearts because it will be installed close to their home just three blocks from where they live in the community of Normal Heights, in the City of San Diego. Still in the fund-raising phase, overall they have been working already 5 years to get City approvals for the design, engineering, permits and community input. It is scheduled to be assembled on 11 individual panels and all installed by the end of this year of 2023.

The project was designed by Kim Emerson as a site-specific custom mosaic mural, entitled KALEIDOSCOPE OF BUTTERFLIES, dimensions are 18′ long by 8′ high, that wraps around the front NW corner of the Adams Recreation Center building, located in the heart of urban Normal Heights.

We are grateful for the generous support from the following esteemed organizations and individuals: Normal Heights Community Development Corporation, San Diego Gas & Electric, U.S. Bank in San Diego, Synergy Arts Foundation at, individual community members of Normal Heights, local friends and family and from across the U.S. We are still fund raising! All donations are tax deductible! To give direct please contact Kim Emerson, or, give through GoFundMe at

Additional THANKS goes to the following local community groups and City departments for their endorsements and support in various ways: the Normal Heights Urban Arts (NHUA), the Adams Avenue Business Association (AABA), the Normal Heights Community Development Corporation (NHCDC), the City of San Diego – Commission for Arts & Culture, the City of San Diego – Department of Parks & Recreation, the Normal Heights Community Association (NHCA), and the Normal Heights Community Planning Group (NHCPG).

Here are a few images of the final and approved design of the future mosaic mural entitled Kaleidoscope of Butterflies“: